• News 1
      In May, ProdigyFrontier was represented with a showing of materials from our brand Tutti per Tutti Sport, in the Multidisciplinary Education Convention, held by Gondomar City Hall, and in the “Health and Well-being” Social Days, held by the Lousada City Hall.
    • News 3
      After participating in March, as trainers in a Boccia training initiative in the Associação 2000 de Apoio ao Desenvolvimento, we were nominated in April by the association as donors of the month, with the offering of games of Boccia, for the promotion and inclusion of this discipline in the region of Santa Marta de Penaguião.
      • ECO

        Our products are made with biodegradable materials of renewable origin, helping in the reduction of the carbon footprint. You will also be contributing to a more sustainable, and green planet for your children when you buy.
        We recycle balls so they can reach a least privileged public, at residual prices.

      • Portugal

        When choosing, it’s quite easy making the right decision. All of our products are Made in Portugal.
        Consuming Portuguese products is the best way of stimulating companies’ growth, and with our brand you will be helping all of those wanting to make a difference!

      • Handcrafted

        Each product is totally handcrafted – by artisans – with great care!
        Proven and controlled quality, from the moment of confection.
        We always work with qualified entities to innovate and improve the quality of our products.
        All this without any use of child labor.

      • Disabled people

        ProdigyFrontier offers products and services aimed at supporting sport events organization, and is dedicated to disabled people, and the elderly population.
        The products are made in partnership with monitoring, rehabilitation and inclusion of disabled individuals.