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        Ramp ideal for competition, made in lacquered aluminium and polycarbonate. It has 3 extensions. This ramps is aimed for high performance athletes and provides an excellent precision to the trajectory of the ball.

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        Set of 13 balls (6 blue, 6 red and white).Supplied in a comfortable bag with interior foam and with 13 holes.

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        Boccia referee kit include paddle, measuring callipers, measuring tape, card and bag. Simple, but ideal to referee the game.

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        Boccia balls handmade with natural cork The set consist of 13 balls (6 blue, 6 red and 1 white), inside 13 holed cork kit bag.

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        Ideal for carrying your set in protection conditions. It has a removable foam box with 13 sockets for placement of the balls, allowing the use of backpack for other purposes. The backpack is constructed of top quality material. Measures in the rules for carry-on air transport

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        Made of aluminium and acrylic, with an extension and provided with support. It is ideal for Boccia beginners and for the initial experiences with ramp training.

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        Balls hand manufactured in synthetic leather (suede type), filled with anti-static properties polymer and maintains its characteristics between -40º C and 100º C. Their trajectory is precise due to leather characteristics and with a very good grip. There are three types of hardness (Super-Hard, Hard, Medium or Soft). Ideal for competition.

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        All balls comply with the Official Rules: weight 275g +/- 12g and perimeter 270mm +/- 8mmBalls hand manufactured in synthetic leather, filled with anti-static properties polymer and maintain its characteristics between -40 o and 100 o C. There are three types of hardness (Hard, Medium, Soft). Ideal for intensive use, adapted to different kind of grounds.

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